Friday, March 25, 2011

Today I'm loving

The sweet bus driving who took pity on my frantic purse swinging running for the bus and pulled over early to let me nice.

The amazing breakfast I had at Brails this morning with my Government Affairs Committee. The "Joy special" consisting of hash browns topped with diced ham, green bell pepper, tomatoes and onions, topped with Swiss and cheddar cheese and then finally topped with homemade gravy. A good dose of Tabasco later it was heavenly! I am such a sucker for over the top diner breakfasts.

The wonderful homemade Korean dinner we enjoyed last night at friends. I haven't eaten a lot of Korean food and it was such a treat to try so many new wonderful things.

My ability to eat said Korean dinner with metal chopsticks without embarrassing myself. While I pride myself about being able to eat my entire meal with chopsticks when the occasion warrants it I have never tried metal chopsticks and I was nervous.

Anticipating a second full weekend in our house. I'm kicking it off with some delicious spring vegetable risotto and trashy television with my sister. Can their be a better end to the week? I think not.

Here's to a very happy Friday!

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