Monday, March 21, 2011

House Pictures

I am so excited to share pictures of our house. We are mostly unpacked with the exception of some random stuff in the spare room and outdoor stuff in the garage. We still have an empty family room awaiting a couch and the walls and windows are quite bare. But I think it's coming together quite nicely.

This is the living room, or front room, that you walk into from the front door. This is one of my favorite rooms so far. It has a really nice big window looking out to the front yard and street. It has really nice light and feels cozy and pleasant.

All the furniture in this room are hand me downs and a dumpster find! I think the pieces work really well together, especially considering how randomly they came together. The futon was in my husbands college apartment. The yellow chairs used to be in my Dad's cabin. The wooden end table was my mothers parents and the coffee table we just inherited from my Father and Step-mother. At first I thought it was too big for the space but it is kind of growing on me. The big book shelf was a dumpster dive find by our friend Taylor. We (and by we I mean my husband) sanded and stained it. The lamp on the other side of the futon is sitting on three stacked hat boxes. We don't have enough furniture to fill this house and so we are being very creative with what we have.

This book shelf was a Goodwill find last year and still needs to be stained. I would like to find an over sized ornate gold mirror to sit on top next to the red lamp.

The dining room is adjacent to the living room. We (actually our builder friend Josh) replaced the original boring fixture with this one I had made for our old apartment. I just bought this lamp shade and had a local lamp shop wire it for me. Our table randomly came to us via my friend Katie from college. Her parents had bought it for her college apartment and then she left it with me after college. It is a really great table. It extends another four feet which is great for dinner parties. We would like to refinish it eventually.

Past the dining room is the kitchen. I LOVE our kitchen. This first picture isn't very good. I should have turned on the light. But you can see the nice big window and deep window sill which I plan to use for herb pots. You can also see the built in cook book shelves.

As you can see the kitchen opens into the family room or back room.

The family room is very sad and empty right now. We finally ordered a very simple white couch that was on major sale at West Elm. Not the grey beauties of my dreams but a practical choice. In the future I will move the white couch to the front room and put a grey one in this room. We still need to find a TV stand and will continue our routine Goodwill/St.Vinney's runs until we do. Despite it's current emptiness I think in the long run this room will become the soul of our house. Right next to the kitchen it is perfect for me to have cooking company without people in my kitchen. This room also has a door out to the back patio and we want to put in a wood stove insert into the fire place eventually. There are those unfortunate heat vents right over the mantel so I need to find a mirror or piece of art to cover them up.

At the other end of the house are two bathrooms and three bedrooms. I didn't take pictures of the spare room or spare bath because the spare room just has stuff that needs put away and the spare bath is undergoing a little home improvement project right now and is a bit of a mess. This however is our bedroom and master bath. Complete with not one but TWO closets.

You can see that the bedroom has the sink part of the bathroom in it and then a door to the shower and toilet. You can also see my (bigger) closet and my snazzy gym clothes.

The front bedroom is our office. This room has great furniture. The antique desk was handed down to us by a wonderful lady at our church. We were helping her move and she decided to get rid of the desk and asked if we wanted it. It is an amazing piece of furniture and even has a secret compartment! The ceder chest was made for me by my grandfather as a hope chest. This room has one large book shelf on the opposite was as the desk, but as you can see we still have surplus books! Those are just going to live in that stack. I'll just think of it as eclectic!

The filing cabinet was a great find by Mr. P at the Salvation army. Knowing my love of the color he bought it for me and it's so much nicer than the normal tan ones.

So that is our house. We are so in love with it. And for all our real life friends and family out there reading we can't wait to have you over! As Mr. P said, "there are so many people we need to have over for dinner we'd better plan a dinner party every two weeks until we get through them all". So I guess you all should be expecting an invitation!


  1. I think your house looks very nice. It's bright and cheerful and I like the way you used things with history to them rather than buying all new. It seems like you have been very busy already but no doubt you will keep on finding bits and bobs to do. I hope you will be happy in your new home.

  2. You have such a simple,sober yet beautiful and bright house. I like the combination of the furniture ,wall color, paint and all other accessories.
    -Lane Furniture

  3. Love the eclectic book towers. I have several in our apartment! :)