Tuesday, March 29, 2011

April Showers bring May Flowers?

Man I hope this is true because the rainy forecast is starting to discourage me. Despite how much I love rain I need a break. Yesterday I was talking to someone about how delicious white rice is. I love white rice. I know brown rice is healthier and I do try to mostly eat it but white rice is so much better. I think for me it's similar to how many people feel about crusty white bread versus whole wheat. White rice is my crusty white bread. Last night I used my leaded crystal glasses for the first time! I have had these glasses since before I was married, they were one of my grandparents wedding gifts, but have never used them. I was always too afraid I would break one and I kept them safely wrapped in a box because we never really had room in our kitchen. However, now they are unpacked in our house and we decided last night was just the night to break them out. I think wine might taste more Delicious in crystal. We are planning a trip to Montana with our friend Jessica to see our friends Anne and Daniel, so so so exciting! They live on a real life ranch in the middle of nowhere. It will be so gorgeous! And I have been wondering what our summer vacation would be this year.This will be just perfect! Here's to hoping spring is just around the corner and summer not far behind and trading in hardy lentil and sausage soup lunches for fresh tomato soup and cold chicken salad. mmmm...

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  1. That sounds like an awesome break to have, I wonder if you will get to go horse riding?