Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Is the news a dying art?

People are always telling me that nobody reads the news paper or listens to news anymore. However, Mr. P and I are total news junkie. I read both the local newspaper and the NY times online everyday and I listen to NPR every morning while getting ready. Then I listen to "All things considered" and the nightly news on NPR when I'm making dinner. Mr. P is even worse than I am. He does all of that plus he reads a ton of financial news, financial blogs and editorials. I get all my entertainment, pop culture and consumer news from blogs I read. My favorite way to get the news is via the radio. I abhor TV news. But I think this stems from the years in college I spent working at the local news station. Lets just say that was not my favorite job.

Our local paper has a weekly public opinion poll on their website every week. I take it every single week. I don't know why but I do. I'm always really interested to see if my opinion falls in the majority or minority. Usually it falls in the minority.

I love the radio. On Saturday morning I listen to random radio shows while I clean house, on Thursday we like to listen to philosophy talk (we were philosophy majors), and on Sunday evenings I listen to "The Splendid Table" then when it is over I listen to this old country radio show that plays old country music from the 40's-70's. It's nice because I'm home alone so much while Mr. P is at work in the evenings and it feels less lonely to have the radio on.
Do you read/listen to news? what is the main way you get your news? People always tell me that our generation doesn't read news, do you think this is true? Do you listen to the radio? do you have favorite radio shows? I'd really love to know others thoughts on this.


  1. Hi Laura, I never watch, listen to or read any news. I won't go in to details other than to say I find that my life is better for opting out of the media merry-go-round. I say never but I will watch when there is some - what I think of as real news such as the terrible carry on in Japan. So I tuned in last week but that's it now for me until I hear of something else happening. I don't listen to the radio prefering instead to listen to my own music collection.

  2. I like to pick and choose my news because if I watch the TV news here in Houston it's jam packed with all sorts of murders and depressing stuff I don't want to hear about. We don't get a newspaper and I wouldn't care to. I prefer to catch my general headline news online, as well as some local news but not much. I also keep up with basic science, arts, business, humanities sorts of topics online as well. I don't care much to follow finance or politics. And I listen to NPR and BBC News when I'm in the car, but I don't have a set schedule so I don't always catch my favorite programs (like all things considered, radiolab, and all songs considered).

  3. Also, as silly as it sounds, I also keep up with current topics via snippets from late night talk shows (Jimmy Fallon), SNL, and the occasional Colbert Report.

  4. I listen to NPR, and online read Huffington Post and Google News. We also subscribe to the Register Guard, Newsweek and First Things. My friend Brad Boydston's blog often has interesting tidbits from all over- stuff ranging from the Economist to Christianity Today to the WSJ to the Sacramento Bee to the Atlantic to The Local: Sweden's News in English.