Thursday, February 18, 2010

Grey hair, a cute baby and some serious concerns

My friend Jessica emailed me these two pictures which she took on Sunday at church. I am holding our friend JoAnna's baby Jed. Isn't he cute!

The first picture is nice you can see baby Jed's stylish hat and shoes.

Then there is the second picture. Looking at this picture I am concerned.

First, I am horrified at how low cut my shirt appears. I promise when I left the house for church that morning it was not that low cut. I would never leave the house in anything that low cut. Was I just not paying attention? Was I blinded by the ruffles and flower (I how I love J Crew!)? Or maybe holding the baby pulled it down? I'm not sure what's going on but regardless it's very troubling.

Second, look at my hair! There definitely appear to be multiple grey hairs on my head! If you click on the picture it blows up and it is even more evident. I am 24 years old. I'm sorry but that seems far to young to have noticeable grey hairs in a picture this size. I told Jessica she must examine my head to determine the state of my grey hairs.

Regardless of my concern, isn't baby Jed adorable. You can see his little personality emerging under his stylin' hat! It's almost enough to make me want to have a baby this very instant. But then he begins to cry and I assure you the spell is broken. I hand him off to his Mama and remember to thankful for all the sleep I get in life.


  1. Oh, Laura, I love the top picture! How maternal you look. And I didn't even notice the grey hair thing...must be the lighting but I still don't see what you do.

  2. I didn't see any grey but can understand the freak out. I had to start covering a grey streak in my hair at 22 or 23 and once you start, you can never stop!

    LOVE the top and don't think it looked too low cut at all.

  3. I can't see a single grey hair in there! But, I can always spot something on myself.

    That sweet babe is adorable!!

  4. You are hilarious! I am surprised you posted the pictures after all the concerns! :)

  5. i didn't see the grey hairs, but i've seen a few on my own head and i'm only 25, so i feel your pain!

  6. This is such a cute post it made me laugh out loud! Jed is adorable, oh babys! I think your Jcrew shirt is the epitome of stylish by the way, I don't think it looks too low cut. Miss you!

  7. I have some gray hair, and I'm just a year older, lol! I think maybe it just means we are...wise. ;-)

    He's a cute baby!! :)