Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Fashion Staples

I love to shop. We all know this. But this year I am trying to be more purposeful about my shopping. In the past I would just follow sales and pick up pieces at random. I would get new clothes fairly frequently but I never had the staples. I had nothing to wear because although I’d bought a few shirts I still did not have a basic black tee, or the right skinny jeans, or a nice rain coat. You get the picture. This year I made a list of the classic and trendy pieces I’m in need of and bit by bit I have been focusing my shopping on those things. I have to say now that Ihave acquired some of these staples from my list getting dressed is getting easier everyday. So here are my fashion staples that I now can’t live without:

Over sized Sunglasses

Oh how I love my over sized sunglasses. My husband HATES them but that's besides the point. I got them at forever 21 and paid $3 for them. Yet they are wonderful. image found here

Trench coat

This is most recent purchase and I'm in love with it. I have been wanting a trench coat for years, actually since I was 14 years old and first saw this:

It is just so classic. I recently read somewhere that if you put on a classic trench coat and over sized sunglasses you instantly add glamour to whatever else you are wearing. I think I agree. images found here and here

Skinny Jeans

I have had skinny jeans since college but never the right skinny jeans. Finally with my Christmas money I splurged on lucky brand skinny jeans and I am so glad I did. I LOVE these jeans. Skinny jeans are the best cut for me because I am really short and they make my legs look instantly longer without the bother of heals. image found here

Colorful scarves

This summer while we were in San Fransisco my sister and I hit the jackpot on scarves. We found a whole in the wall closet in china town selling gorgeous pashmina scarves in many colors for $3 each. We both got many of them and now they are such a staple. Plain jeans and a tee boring, but with a bright scarf and big sunglasses it's an outfit! image found here

Lip gloss

I really like make up. Eye make up and lip gloss are my favorite. And since eye makeup can take some time and effort it's usually lip gloss that I grab at 7am when I have to run out for eggs. I have three favorite lip glosses right now. 1. Clinique long last glosswear in sunset, this is a more neutral shimmery color for everyday 2. Sonia Kashuk ultra sheer lip gloss in fairy, this is a great pale pink, really summery and light 3. L'Oreal paris clour riche lip gloss in soft wine, this has more color than the other two and is nice for going out if I dont' feel like red. image from clinique

Riding boots

I have blogged about my riding boots before and how much I love them. They are especially wonderful in our rainy wet climate. Perfect for rainy cold days when flats are no good but you don't want to wear converse. image from Ralph Lauren

Boyfriend Cardigan

This is another new purchase. It's really great with leggings and dresses up jeans and a tee on a Saturday afternoon. If I have to run errands early Saturday I throw on this with a scarf with my black lounge pants and I don't feel like I'm out in my PJ's. image from the Gap

Black Audrey Hepburn pants

This was my first fashion staple purchase, actually gift. My Mom got me these from the Gap way back in 2005. I don't know what I'm going to do when they wear out. I love these pants. They are great for when you don't want jeans but you also don't want heals and you really don't want a skirt. A predicament I seem to be in a lot.

So now I wan to know, what are your fashion staples?


  1. I have to say, I live in jeans. Mostly out of necessity, the weather here is so unpredictable that skirts are difficult to do. So cute jeans have become my staple, and I only *just* got skinny jeans. I only *just* got where they look good on me. Next stop, leggings!

  2. My fashion staples are Lucky jeans, the long grey cardigan I bought with you, and black tees. Ooh, I want Audrey Hepburn pants. Do you know where I could get something like that now?

  3. J Crew I think, the toothpick pants or something like that--your grey cardigan is pretty fabulous, especially with your leggings and new flats. So Cute!

  4. Love the buys, esp the trench! Great basic.

    My dark skinny jeans are a total staple for me, and so are my black patent pumps.

  5. I love those sunglasses. I need to get me a pair. My body isn't ready for skinny jeans yet, lol!

  6. Trench coat, Hunter wellies, dark skinny jeans, oversized button-downs, riding boots, flats in every color, turtleneck sweaters, slim black pants (still on the lookout for a pair that I love), a little black dress, pearl studs, sunglasses, and a good watch.

    I read Nina Garcia's "The One Hundred" and Nancy MacDonell Smith's "The Classic Ten" last year and got totally inspired to revamp my wardrobe and really think about what I am buying!

  7. I did this last year and it was great. I need to so it again though because I waste a lot less $ and look way cuter when I plan my purchases.

    My staples are really similar to yours:

    -skinny jeans
    -pearl earrings

    -slouchy hats
    -riding boots
    -easy dresses

  8. Thanks for stopping by my blog! Yours is super fun! I'm your newest follower :o)

    I LOVE boots and scarves...I'm going to San Francisco this summer, maybe I will find this fabulous store you speak of. ;o)

  9. Some of my staples this winter:
    -my kelly green coat; a surprising find at Old Navy
    -tights of different colors and patterns
    - my tweed pencil skirt

    All-time staples:

    -my pretty brown Sketchers that are work-appropriate and cute yet very comfortable for walking. They have covered many miles.

    -Big sunglasses

    -basic knee-length skirts

  10. My staples:
    * cardigans (in every color, length, fit, pattern, fabric...)
    * flats (lots of colors, patterns, fabrics...)
    * my grey knit sweater coat with oversized buttons
    * "nice" purses/bags (not $$$$ but nice)

  11. those sunglasses are amazing! I can't believe they were 3 bucks!