Monday, November 9, 2009

Shopping Fail

This weekend we went to Portland and on Saturday I went shopping with my Mother-in-Law, my husband's grandmother and cousin. We went downtown to Pioneer square mall which is my favorite mall in Portland. Within a couple blocks of the mall is an enormous Macy's, Nordrom's, Nordstom Rack, and tons of other stores. At the Nordstrom Rack I found the most perfect booties. They were grey suede with a rounded toe and came just to my ankle. Best of all they were so comfortable. But, they were $70. And as much as I wanted them I could not bring myself to spend $70 on a pair of shoes that trendy and unnecessary.

In hindsight this bout of rational responsible decision making was a giant shopping fail! I have been wanting booties all fall but have been waiting to find the right ones (at a price I can live with). These were exactly but I have been looking for. I'm now doing some more online research and $70 was a steal for these shoes. And of course I can't find the ones I saw at the Rack ANYWHERE on the Internet. Not at nordsrom's, piperline, DSW, ebay--nowhere. And I can't remember the brand. Here are some samples of the styles I like:

These two are at DSW and are under $70.

These are perhaps my favorite but they are way out of my price range at over $200. They are Betsy Johnson.

I found these on Piperline. I love the bow at the ankle. But again these are out of my price range.

J. Crew and perfect. But way to expensive

These are Steve Madden at Macy's and if they went on sale they may be in my price range.

These are at Macy's also, they are Guess.

Perfection! These almost look exactly like what I found at the Rack. But of course they are selling for $135.

Alas, I am now on the look out for booties. I am going back to Portland in a couple of weeks to go Christmas shopping with Lauren, my true shopping soul mate, and we will find the perfect bootie!

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  1. I just love it when you discuss shoe shopping! May you find the perfect bootie at the perfect price when you go to Portland with Lauren!