Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Baby Fever

Almost two weeks ago our friends Isaiah and JoAnna had a baby boy, Jedidiah. JoAnna is my first friend to have a baby. I was so excited to meet little Jedidiah. He is so funny and cute and little! He is giving some of us serious baby fever!
It was bad enough when my friend Shelby and I went to buy presents for JoAnna's shower. We had so much fun buying cute little baby things. We spent hours at Target deciding what to get for the new baby. We thought then we had baby fever...but now it's much more serious. Actually holding him, watching his little face look around, watching Isaiah and JoAnna with him, a baby is just so wonderful.

But as much as being around Jedidiah makes me so excited to have a baby a big part of me listens to JoAnna talk about giving birth and is terrified. In the end I think I am glad to be a little ways off from that experience. And Mom, Beth, I AM a ways off so don't get too excited reading this.


  1. I know what you mean. There's been a sort of baby boom this year and it's taking its toll on me, too!

  2. Dear Laura! Steve and I were married eight years before we began our family. We wanted to be in a financial position where Steve was the breadwinner so I could be the Mommy. I put in my time working, so when the dirty diapers came they were a welcome alternative to the #%*(&! I was used to on the job.

    I thank God for the chance to be with our girls when they were young. There is no paycheck that is worth more than nursing your baby in peace, watching your child take her first steps, impromptu cuddling, and napping together after reading a book.

    I can't imagine anything worse than having a child before you are ready to receive her. It would be like getting a Christmas gift on Good Friday.