Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Where's Billy?

My sister Jess is the funny member of our family. She is makes witty and sarcastic remarks and comebacks that are hilarious. Another fun fact about Jess is that she mysteriously “acquired” a 2 ft tall skeleton fall of her freshman year of high school. Much to our Mother’s horror, Billy (yes he is named Billy) hung from a necktie nuce in her bedroom all through high school frequently sporting a different hat or scarf. Billy of course has come with Jess to my apartment and become subject to her latest bit of hilarity: Where’s Billy? This is a game where she puts Billy in a new place everyday for me to find when I come home from work. Sometimes he is in an obvious place sometimes I can’t find him. It is the latter that makes me nervous.

Today I can’t find him. Granted I didn’t spend a ton of time looking last night but I looked in all the normal places and he is nowhere to be seen.
Mrs. P

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