Thursday, June 11, 2009

Times a changing

I have mentioned before that my sister Jessica is moving in with me and I am very excited. Jess is my favorite person, besides Mr. P of course. Today she graduates from High School and I am so proud of her. Not only is she graduating with wonderful grades and a scholarship, but she is such a mature, enjoyable, hard working, smart and fun person. It's hard to believe how much we're all growing up. This summer Jess and I and our brother are going on a road trip together and it's going to be great, a family vacation without the parents telling us what to do or not do. I know... I am an adult and married and have a job and so on. But sometimes, especially when I'm with my siblings, it's just so hard to believe. I am the only one who feels this way? Do you forget you are the "responsible adult in charge"? what makes you really feel like a kid again?

Jess cooking away for my bridal shower which she planned and hosted

Jessica before my wedding and putting on my makeup for the wedding

Jess dancing with her best friend Jacob

Mrs. P

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