Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Decorating Potter Place

I have mentioned before my quest to decorate Potter Place. The challenge being to work in a very small budget and work around the random college hand me down furniture we have. Lately I have been on a quest for couch pillows. I have determined that couch pillows really may be the most vital piece to decorate the living room. The right mix of pillows can bring together the whole room. It’s definitely a make or break sorta thing. I need pillows to bring together a blah futon with a beige cover, a random vintage wooden coffee table, two very retro yellow and gold patterned arm chairs, a very modern dining room light fixture and classic tiffany lamp. Ideally I need to bring together yellow, gold, red, green, and beige. And I need it to look like all the randomness was perfectly planned. My luck so far has been nil. Every pillow I’ve found that I like costs $40-$60. Since I’m hoping to get 5-7 pillows that is way more money then I want to spend. This morning I hit gold at So on my lunch break today I'm going to buy some of these:

Mrs. P


  1. What fun! I especially like the ones on the top row.

  2. You know how to pick 'em. These are really classy & I love the colors.

  3. wow, thanks for the share.... i am looking for pillows too and it kills me to spend 60 bucks on a throw pillow.
    I really like the 5th one.