Thursday, January 2, 2014

2013 my favs

2013 was a great year so as we say good bye and look ahead here are my favorite pics 

First up our funny little hipster baby

Then of course there is the new house and cooking wonderful produce in my new kitchen. With good came the bad, plumbing leaks and lots of demo

Margot was a blast this year. Going on evening walks to play in the park, learning new words and interacting more everyday

And of course my little shopping buddy. Here after her birthday trip with Grandma to Hannah Anderson

Halloween was such a blast this year especially with Margot's constant exlcimations of happy halloween and trick or treat throughout the month of october
Speaking of Margot...She turned two! Still don't know how this happened
December was all about Christmas cookies

And of course we can't forget snowpoclypse 2013!!!
Margot was the cutest little lamb in the Christmas play--BAH!!! says she
After being such a good girl all year, santa and his elves made her a baby cradle never mind the elves mediocre quilting skills....
And we ended 2013 with a fun trip to Portland. Margot had to break out her hipster style one more time and we all had lots of fun playing doc, reading books and going to a puppet show. Here's to an awesome 2014!

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