Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Winter wonderland

Greetings from the great freeze of 2013! We have had record cold temperatures for a week now. It's been six days since the temp rose above freezing and we were hitting below zero temps over night for 4 days in a row. Sunday we woke up to -9 degrees outside. For a community that's December weather is a pretty consistent 44 and raining it's been mass chaos. The record cold temps came along with 6 inches of snow. Schools have been closed since Friday and most roads, especially on side streets and neighborhoods are sold ice still.
Friday and Saturday Margot and I were all about the snow. We enjoyed a lovely snow day at home on Friday complete with snuggles, Christmas books, a winter walk and building a snow man. We even broke out some hot cocoa!

Then Saturday we took a family hike down our massive hill to the market to stock up on provisions. 

Our neighborhood is gorgeous right now. I looks like a 1940-1950 Christmas card. Then Margot and I NEEDED to make shortbread cookies to go with our afternoon movie and hot cocoa.

Margot was a fan! And don't we all love her vintage-esque old man sweater!

But now that the initial fun has worn off, I have been cold for days, Margot has been in our bed for nights, because it's too cold, and so on. But perhaps even more concerning is that 60-90 people are coming to my house for my annual holiday cocktail party and my kitchen is in shambles and mid-cabinet painting. Everything that should be in my kitchen is everywhere else in my house, baseboards still have not gone in because my finish contractor cannot get up the hill and I am taking lots of very deep breaths. 

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