Tuesday, December 3, 2013

We're Cracking over here

In more ways then one! On the one hand house projects, despite the evidence to the contrary demonstrated on the blog, are moving along . In the last two weeks 7 spaces have been painted, new floors are in my kitchen, 5 different contractors have come a knocking with various bids and dollars are rolling out of our bank account! I suppose that's how it goes. But with all the hustle and bustle of two full time + jobs, a toddler, a giant old house, and work being done on said old house, we're also cracking a bit under the weight of it all. Our lives are so busy! And in times like these we have to prioritize what little time we do have so the poor blog gets pushed to the side. Because reading How the Grinch Stole Christmas for the 22nd time in one week is clearly way more important than writing on my blog. Am I right?

I'll post some real house updates later this week but first I wanted to share some fun and cuteness from our holiday weekend.
Seriously could she be more adorable and fun! Margot has just been a blast. Full sentences are coming like mad and she really does say the funniest things. She has been so excited about Thanksgiving and Christmas and it has been a joy to share the season with her.

It's been cold but we had some sunny days so we bundled up for a much needed family walk to breakfast. Margot was quite happy to be "snug as a bug in a rug" for the very cold jaunt.

All dressed up in our Thanksgiving outfit! Margot loved her bow and pretty dress. We had a nice Thanksgiving with extended family. There were 6 kids 7 years old and under running around and Margot loved every minute of it. She pronounced cranberry sauce and turkey to be good and ended the day by saying, "Mamma, Thanksgiving is fun!"

Once the Turkey dinner was behind us Margot was all ready for "kis-mus" and was ecstatic over her Christmas tree. We decided to do a simple and more formal tree in the living room in gold and white but wanted to still put up some special ornaments and Margot's ornaments (she gets an ornament each year for Christmas) so we decided to put a little "Margot tree" up in her room. She adores it and keeps thanking me for her Christmas tree. Her and I decorated it together and she loves to point out and talk about each ornament. Her favorite is the dinosaur. 

We also decorated our tree and Margot was eager for round two.

The tree is trimmed and the Christmas decorations are out. We started our advent calender with Margot Sunday night and are reading Christmas books every night before bed. It is really starting to feel like Christmas now even though part of me still feels like we are in October. Where did fall go???

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