Tuesday, February 5, 2013


Right now Margot is being crazy cute and fun. She has lots of tricks. One of them is if you ask her what sound a sheep makes she says "BAAAA". And she says it in a really funny drawn out way. Sometimes she just responds to every question I ask with "BAAAA" but in a somewhat defiant somewhat I don't give a damn somewhat irritated way. Awfully complex for a one year if you ask me but whatever. I blame my sister who has clearly passed along her stubborn/difficult/defiant genes to my child. All that aside Margot's "BAAAA" perfectly describes how I feel right now. BAAAA

Work is crazy and my arch nemesis is royally pissing me off. We all go to hearing tonight on a public policy issue I've been working on and it has been stressing me out.

Also Margot has been waking up at 2am for the last several nights. She pretty much goes right back down but then I can't go back to sleep. I have had very little sleep this week and I'm getting CRANKY!

All of my work slacks are way too big to wear so I've had to wear skirts or dresses to work every day for ever. I'm tired of stockings. I'm tired to death of black tights and I'm even tired of my lovely pencil skirts. I need to go to Nordstrom's and find decent slacks that fit me which is always such a feat.

Wow I can't even believe I just complained about needing to go shopping. I love shopping. Clearly something is wrong.

Chris and I haven't been on a date night since December. We need a date night or a date weekend. I recently read in a book about a french couple with three kids that go on a yearly 10 day holiday together without their kids. That would work too. Although I suppose 10 days might be a little long for us to be away from Margot.

Margot continues to LOVE her new shoes. She may not look like me but clearly she is my child.

After months of trying to get Margot to attach to some kind of stuffed animal or lovie she has finally attached herself to...Grover. Yes you read that right. Never mind all of the lovely teddy bears, dolls and silk trimmed bunnies I gave that child. No she is completely obsessed with a bright blue furry monster. The logic escapes me. Nonetheless it's still pretty cute. She drags him around the house by one leg so he sort of flops along besides her. And she snuggles up with him at night in her crib. I will now be going to the Elephant trunk to buy a few spare Grover's. Because you know the day we loose Grover is the day Elephant trunk stops carrying them and then we are the parents who have devastated our child because we can't keep track of anything.


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