Wednesday, January 2, 2013

January one: an almost perfect day

Yesterday was wonderful. We had the best day together as a family. First we slept in and then we had lots of snuggles. We made dutch babies for breakfast thanks to our new Smitten Kitchen cook book. Margot loves dutch babies. Then we went on a winter walk at Dorris Ranch, which is a historic filbert farm along the river that has been preserved as a public park. It was beautiful out, cold crisp and just a little grey. We were surrounded by trees every which way and Margot just kept looking up at the trees in awe.

After we were thoroughly chilled to the bone (it was 33 degrees outside) we went out for hot cocoa and warm milk. Margot took her first steps on new years eve so we had lots of walking practice which consists of her taking 2-4 steps between us. There was a lovely long afternoon nap and then our traditional black eyed peas and greens for dinner. This is where the day was almost perfect. Margot refused to even touch a black eyed pea. We tried everything. We mashed them, we left them whole, we mixed them with rice we tried to feed her off her plate, our plate but no that child refused to eat a black eyed pea. Apparently Chris and I are far too superstitious because we were both a little upset that she wouldn't eat one. Oh well. I suppose you can't expect a one year old to understand the cultural importance of eating a black eyed pea on new years day.

Anyway, it was a great day.

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