Thursday, September 6, 2012

Bit by bit

Chris and I bought our house a year and a half ago. We are making progress on it bit by bit. You can see the original house posts here and our move in photos here.

Over the past year we have been focusing on decorating with what we have plus a few pieces of new furniture to fill the house out and a few other modest upgrades. In the short term we are trying to focus as much of our financial resources as possible to pay off law school loans. Once we have paid those off we do plan to do a little bit of remodeling to the bathrooms, pull up the carpet and put down new flooring and do some landscaping outside. We also have some big plans to improve storage in our house which is pretty limited.

So far we've really only made progress in three rooms, our bedroom, Margot's room and the family room. These rooms still aren't complete but I thought I'd share some updates we've made to our room.

Here is our room when we moved in. It's a pretty small room and it has a very awkward master bath which you can see in the link above. 

 As you can see it's very bland. Between white walls, neutral carpet and tan bedding/curtains it was very blah. We wanted to add more color but weren't ready to add wall color. Here's what it looks like now:

We love the iron bedstead. It's classic yet modern. I like how it reminds you of the "olden days" without feeling country. It's also not too big which was necessary in our very small room. We replaced the night stands with these smaller black ones. They are simple and give added contrast against the white walls. We added colorful bedding and accent pillows which add a lot of color to the space. Raising the curtain rod and adding longer lighter weight curtains makes the room feel larger and lighter.*

This space still needs a lot of TLC. I'd like to add something to the wall above the bed and matching bedside lamps. In the long term we will probably paint this room. We also have long term plans to redo the master bath and add closet space. And when we redo the floors down the road we will add some great area rugs.

While we still have lots to do here I do really like this space. It's calm and relaxing as all bedrooms should be. I also like having projects to get to.

*The total cost of this redo was $360 and 3 trips to ikea.  The bed, night stands, bedding, curtains and accent pillows all came from ikea.

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