Friday, September 7, 2012

The era of mobility and other tidbits

1. It's official our child is mobile. Margot started crawling last Friday and now she is proficient at getting into pretty much anything and pulling herself up on all the furniture. She hasn't mastered cruising yet but I fear it won't be long. It's both hilarious and terrifying to watch her explore her ever growing world.

2. I am loving convention season, both for the spectacular political commentary and the excellent material it provides Colbert.

3. I am trying to work on routines. Over the past two or three months Margot has really settled into a routine (it only took her 7 months). Becoming aware of her routines and being forced to follow them has led me to notice my complete and utter lack of routines. My morning routine is basically get out the door as close to on time as possible while looking the best I can with the smallest amount of effort. There is ZERO consistency. And my bedtime is just as bad. Usually I decide I'm utterly exhausted and must go to bed this very instant forget flossing or washing off my make up. Not only is this just silly but I believe it's bad for my skin. So for the next week I'm going to make myself fulfill a semi-proper bed time routine: jams, brush teeth, floss and wash my face at least with a baby wipe. Baby wipe is at least an improvement, no?

4. This weekend we are attending our first children's birthday party. One of Margot's birth to three friends is turning 1. I don't know what to get a one year old boy for their birthday. I'm thinking picture book, safe?

5. I was recently looking through some ladies home journal magazines from the 1950's. Besides excellent decorating they have spectacular ads. I was particularly drawn to the ads for Ponds cold cream. Now I want to use Ponds cold cream. But do they still make Ponds cold cream? what is it? what do you use it for? I suppose I should know this but I honestly have no idea. However, I'm very interested in incorporating Ponds cold cream into my newly established bed time routine. Does anyone use this stuff?


  1. I have used it before. My sister still does. We picked it up from my grandma. Put it on, wipe the makeup off. Really only for bedtime I'd say. And any toys 12+mo are safe. Georgia got lots of books for her 1st birthday and we still have them for Grayson. That's about the age they stop eating them so much (at least I'm hoping by then Grayson will actually look at them rather the just make them soggy). Have fun at the'll be planning one soon. (you have discovered Pinterest, right?)

  2. My mom used Pond's cold cream for ~20 years but in the past 10 years changed to other stuff. I used it for a few years on and off in high school and college. You just smear some on, massage gently upward (downward "causes wrinkles" says my Granny), then wipe off. Follow with toner if you're into that. I liked to dot it on pimples and problem areas. My only warning is that one of my girlfriends said that in the last year or 2 they changed their formula. If I were you, I might research what those changes are and if the product is just as effective or not. ? Good luck!