Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Tomorrow is my first day back at work. For the past several days I have been preparing for my return and enjoying lots of cuddling time with Margot. I've cleaned the house top to bottom, caught up on all the laundry and ironing, cleaned out closets and sterilized pump parts. The last thing on my list was to try on my work clothes and figure out what to wear. I have been putting this off for days for fear that my clothes won't fit. I've been wearing all my jeans (except my lucky skinny jeans) and cotton tops for weeks now but I've avoided anything tailored. So this morning I braced myself, dug out all those pencil skirts slacks and dresses. And...they all fit! Every last one! I literally jumped with joy.

Weight gain is a really hard part of pregnancy. Perhaps it shouldn't be but it is. I think I have always had a really good body image and yet I cringed each month as the numbers on the scale rose. I am 5' 3 and before I was pregnant I weighed 120lbs and two days before Margot was born I weighed 149. Two weeks after her birth I was down to 135, 6 weeks post-partum I was 130 and now at 3 months I'm back to 120. I attribute my return to pre-baby weight mostly to nursing and walking. I've taken Margot on a 30-60 minute walk almost every day since she was 2 weeks old. That being said my body has changed a lot post baby. I don't know if my stomach muscles will ever return to normal and hello curves! I used to worry a lot about my body changing but I am actually very okay with it. I suppose after being 9 months pregnant, and feeling like a whale, a soft stomach and some extra curves are small potatoes!

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