Friday, February 10, 2012

Good books

One thing about constant nursing is a lot of time to read. Here are some of the books I have read during leave:

A collection of short stories which are intertwined by central characters in the small Midwestern town at the turn of the century. Excellent book with fascinating characters.

A classic yet I had very mixed feelings. I'd say it's worth reading but I doubt I would read it again. I thought the last chapter was better than the whole rest of the book but then I hated the last sentence.

This was a book of necessity. We still can't get our child to sleep in her own bed. Since we are not comfortable with crying it out in the traditional sense we thought this book might offer a more reasonable approach. I found it interesting and we will attempt to "Ferberize" little miss Margot in the coming weeks. I know a number of people who have followed this method with great success and not too much crying. I hope we will be able to say the same.

This is what I'm reading now. A truly fluffy book but fun and full of interesting French recipes.

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