Monday, January 23, 2012

Another month in pictures

To play some catch up on my blog here are some snap shots of Miss Margot's second month.

Margot met her friend Zeke for the first time.

Zeke thinks Margot is beautiful.

This is a classic Margot shot taken on x-mas eve. Note her adorable sweater dress. Here she says, "oh boy Mommy I'm just so excited I must wave my arms about frantically".

Here is Margot on Christmas Day. Again note her beautiful dress. These are my attempts to get a picture of her in her beautiful dress. Clearly she was having none of it.

As Chris says--this is classic Margot.

Lastly here is a series which I like to call, Margot sleeps everywhere except in her own bed.

napping with daddy

on uncle sean's shoulder

again with daddy

with grampa dan at the ranch

with daddy

with grandma Jody

in daddy and mommy's bed

with grampa

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