Thursday, December 15, 2011

one month


Today you are one month old. You are such a sweet and funny baby. We are completely in love with you and can hardly imagine life without you.

You are growing so much and changing every day. You are awake a lot and making new faces and expressions. You love to look around especially at faces and bright colors. You are starting to like your activity gym. You like to hear music and you love to be bounced. Most of all you love to be held and cuddled. You are happiest all snuggled on Mommy or Daddy's chest. You also like to go on walks in your baby bijourn and to take baths. You tolerate your swing and bouncy seat for brief periods. You hate having your diaper changed or your clothes changed. You also do not like to be swaddled, put into your car seat or set down. You love your hands and seem to like them near your face especially when you are sleeping.

You are a beautiful baby and you make us smile every day!

Here you are at one month!

weight: 7 lbs 8 oz

length:19.5 inches (?)

clothes: newborn (some are still too big but you are growing into them)