Friday, February 25, 2011

Because it's Friday

I am wearing jeans to work. Seriously one of the true joys in my life is getting to wear jeans.

I am enjoying my nicely heated office. It has been below freezing here for the past few days and our house is horribly cold.

I am going to make myself a martini the second I get home at 5pm.

Then, I'm making Huevos Rancheros for dinner!

After dinner my dear husband and I are going furniture scouting at St. Vinneys, Goodwill and the salvation army.

Due to our upcoming move and the massive decorating project I will soon be undertaking we find ourselves with some furniture needs. Most notably a couch. Our new house has both a living room and a family room and we have only a less than ideal futon. I HATE the futon but I have born it and will continue to. But even with the futon we need a couch for one of the two rooms. I would like to buy a new couch but before we make a decision we will do some bargain hunting and some shopping around. I am a little pessimistic about finding what I want used but we will see. I am also on the lookout for a TV sand of sorts and new bedside tables because I don't like the ones we have. We will also need a new coffee table because ours broke. Not that I should be surprised because it was purchased for 15 dollars at goodwill 3 years ago.

So here's to happy hunting and a fabulous Friday night!


  1. This is cute, I like your random thoughts. And I love wearing jeans prettymuch everyday. Happy hunting. But I think you should really consider buying a new couch and maybe some other new things too... otherwise you are just going to have to buy more goodwill things in two years. Just my two cents!

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  3. love jeans, too!!! Perfect comfy clothing. :) Hope you found the furniture you were looking for!!! Your move sounds so exciting