Thursday, September 30, 2010

One of the Perks

One of the many exciting things about my new job is the need to buy clothes. At my old job I only wore business attire when I had meetings or hearings. If I was just in the office working I was able to wear jeans. This allowed me to have a much smaller work wardrobe and rely on my favorite jeans a lot of days. This will not be the case at my new job. I must wear business attire every day including Fridays. This means I truly need to buy some clothes. The other day Ann Taylor Loft was having a sale, 25% of your entire purchase, so I popped over on my lunch hour and got a few things. Ann Taylor is my favorite place to shop for work clothes because they have cute yet professional options and they always carry them in petite. One of the things I picked up was this skirt.

Wool Pencil Skirt with Ribbon Waistband

I wore it for the first time today and it is fabulous! It fits wonderfully, looks amazing and is comfortable. The tucked waist and ribbon waistband gives it a really great edge without detracting from it's professionalism. And the grey tweed fabric is versatile enough for a lot of wear. Ann Taylor Loft is continuing their fall sale in store and online making this a great deal if you are in need of some new work clothes this fall.

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  1. May this only be just one of the perks you discover with your new job, Laura!