Monday, September 27, 2010

Exciting News

Last week Mr. P and I had some really exciting news. We found out that Mr. P passed the bar exam! I am so proud of Chris for all of his hard work and dedication. And I know he is SO relieved that he doesn't have to retake that test!

Also this week I was offered a new job! As I mentioned on this blog, in January my hours were cut and I have been working with a 20% pay cut for the past 9 months. My current job also is not very secure and I was looking another potential cut this year. Since January I have been searching for a new job, applying and interviewing for jobs. I have been turned down for some really good jobs and it's been a very difficult process. The position I have accepted is the Director of Business Advocacy for the Chamber of commerce. It is an amazing opportunity for me. It will be a very challenging position and probably a lot of hours. But the Chamber is an organization I have a lot of respect for. The issues I will be working on are important ones. I am truly excited for the challenge. I am so thankful to God for providing this opportunity both for my career and for Chris' and I.


  1. What wonderful news, both for you and Chris! I've been praying that you'd be able to find something different that would better supply your needs--thank God for answered prayer. I will continue to pray now for Chris as he launches his practice. Best of all: YOU DIDN'T HAVE TO MOVE AWAY!!!!

  2. Woot! So happy for you both. God is so trustworthy. :)