Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year

Well it's almost the 2010. I hope everyone has a good New Years Eve. Mr. P is in Portland for a few weeks doing some legal aid work so I will be flying solo tonight for my friends New Year's Eve Party. We spent Christmas with his family and he stayed up while I came back down to go to the Cabin with my family. Now I'm back home with Jess and while I miss Mr. P A LOT I am having lots of fun with Jess. I'm indulging in my favorite single behavoir, staying up until 2am, sleeping in until 9:30, eating cereal for dinner, barely cooking, shopping and watching lots of Dawson's Creek. Jess and I were talking not long ago and Dawson's Creek came up and we realized she had never seen it. Dawson's Creek was my favorite show in high school but I wasn't allowed to watch it so I only saw it at friends houses. So we decided to pick it up from the library. We are on the 2nd season and it's so entertaining. That being said, boy does it remind me how much I do NOT miss high school. Anyway have a great New Year.

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