Wednesday, December 9, 2009

A Twist in the Road

I had a lot of great ideas for december blog posts. I wanted to post about my beautiful christmas tree, fudge, christmas parties, homeade presents and so on.


Sometimes life takes twists and turns we don't expect. And that's been the case at Potter place this week. I have been laid off. I now join the masses of unemployed. Because Mr. P is in law school and will be taking the bar exam and the ethics bar this year he can't work. So I am the sole income in our house.

Honestly this has put a damper on my spirit a bit. It's hard, harder than I imagined. So blog friends you will have to bear with me a bit. I think I just need a few days and then sugar plums will be dancing in my head.

I know that even with this upset Mr. P and I are still so blessed. We have such wonderful friends and family and church that are all supporting us. We are loved and I know God will provide. Thank you to everyone who has been there for us and offered prayers for us.


  1. I'm sorry! I've been there and I can tell you that God is good and He does provide! Hang in there and trust in Him, as I know you are.

  2. How awful! Keep your head held high and try to look at this as a blessing. Better things are right around the corner!

  3. Oh, Laura. We'll be praying for you Potters. And thank you for the Christmas card. Blessings on your heads & in your pockets & at your table & more!