Wednesday, November 23, 2011

One Week

Margot is one week old today!

She is such a sweet good baby. We came home from the hospital on Friday but had to return to the hospital Sunday because she was too jaundiced. After two more nights at the hospital we were finally able to come home for good. Going back to the hospital was hard on all of us. Margot had to stay in the special bed with the lights and she did not like it. When we first put her in she cried and cried and we couldn't take her out. It was heart breaking and I started crying and poor Chris had both of us to deal with. She finally did adjust and stopped crying every time she was put in the bed. It was also hard because we couldn't hold her except to breast feed her. After waiting so long for our baby it was hard to not be able to hold her. We sat by her bed and touched her head and talked to her and overall she did okay. But needless to say we are so happy to all be home and settling in a bit. Chris' Mom is staying with us right now and it has been an enormous help. I have been able to just focus on feeding and cuddling Margot and trying to get a few naps in. So far there have been a lot of funny firsts for both Chris and I. Diaper changing is sometimes a two man job as she HATES to have her diaper changed and responds by peeing all over the place as soon as you have the diaper off. We have a beautiful cradle for her to sleep in next to our bad. It never occurred to us that she wouldn't sleep in it and so our first night home we set her down to go to sleep and soon found that she had no intention of sleeping alone in that bed after being held for 2 days straight. We are still working on her sleeping but I think making progress. Last night she had two stretches in her cradle with only a little fussing. She is also so very tiny. None of her clothes fit and Chris parents had to go buy her preemie clothes so she had clothes to wear. We also had to go buy new blankets because all our blankets were huge and we had to get her preemie diapers. She just swims in her car seat and swing. And she looks so tiny in Chris arms. All around though she is a very good little baby and cute as can be!

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  1. This sounds almost exactly like our experience as first time parents! It's such a funny emotional time, but so good, too.