Friday, April 1, 2011

Friday I'm Dreaming....

of traveling the world. Mr. P and I love to travel and one of our major life goals is to travel a lot. We are each blessed to have done some traveling before we came together but even with the places we've each been we want to return together. Our plan is to work hard now to pay off our student loans and pay off our mortgage so in 10-15 years we can travel as much as we want to! Together we have really only been on two trips: our honeymoon on the Washington coast and to Colombia in South America this summer. Separately we've each been to Montana, DC, China, Europe and I have traveled quite a bit on the east coast. However, the list of trips we dream to take together is extensive both inside and outside the US. In the next several years we hope to visit friends in Montana (this summer!), LA and Chicago. We also hope to travel to New York City (neither of us have been) and Lyon, France in two years when my sister studies in both places. Long term some of our dream trips include: A food and whiskey tour of Tennessee, Mississippi and Louisiana, India, Montreal, Turkey, Greece, The Holy Lands, Italy and the Szechwan Region of China. Where do you dream of traveling? Any amazing places to recommend?

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  1. I have always wanted to do a backpacking trip through New Zealand. I have yet to make it to Germany/Austria to see all the amazing musical things that I have researched so that is definitely on my dream list too. Probably my favorite places we've traveled have been a safari in Kenya, hiking and whale watching in Alaska, and walking the English countryside. (My favorites seem to always be beautiful nature rather than bustling cities I guess). Israel is amazing too--it was even more moving than I expected it to be. Cairo is probably the most interesting place we have been--the mix of modern and ancient is wild (men driving donkey carts and talking on their cell phones; a KFC directly across the road from the Sphinx and the pyramids!) I'll look forward to seeing photos of all your adventures.