Monday, August 2, 2010


We are in South America! We arrived in Bogota, Colombia on Friday. We are having a wonderful time. After Steph, my Uncle, picked us up from the airport Friday afternoon we explored the historic district, Calenderia. Then Saturday we took a bus out of Colombia to Tunja, north of Bogota, and then onto Villa de Levay were we stayed the rest of the weekend. Now we are back in Bogota. Here are some Pictures of our first few days:

This is in the Calenderia, the Historic district. It is full of amazing old houses, shops, churches and plazas. The most amazing thing is the colors and the doors. I took 20 some pictures of doors they are all so beautiful.

A view of Bogota from a plaza in Calenderia. There are plazas everywhere.

"Casa de Maria" as my 2 year old cousin William says. He calls all the churches casa de Maria and loves to go and visit Maria. This is the church William was baptized in.

A street in Tunja, look at all the colors.

Mr. P and I in front of another "Casa de Maria" we visited in Tunja

Villa de Levay. Look at the stone streets. This is a small town in North Colombia. You can see the Mountains from everywhere in this town. It is very old and quaint. We went on a horseback ride to a lake and to fossil beds. The countryside is beautiful here. And there are so many stange plants I have never seen.

My breakfast. The eggs are all mixed up with hot sauce so it isn't as pretty as when it first arrived. The eggs are baked in that metal pan. I ate them with Arepas, my new favorite food. Arepas are made with freshly ground corn meal, milk, butter and cheese. They are like a thick corn pancake or flat cornbread. They bake in a wood oven and are amazing! Tomorrow I will write about the chocolate. It is breaktaking and deserves it's own post.

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  1. Thanks for putting your camera to such good use! Looks like you're having a fantastic time, and that you must be at a high enough elevation that it is cool enough for sweaters. Can't wait for your next post!