Thursday, June 17, 2010

This and That

Yesterday evening I took a piping HOT BATH, put on FLANNEL pajama pants and my college sweatshirt, settled on the couch under a WOOL blanket in front of the ROARING WOOD STOVE. Now I ask, what is wrong with this picture???
The date yesterday was June 16, that is what's wrong with this picture. The weather continues to be very unpleasant. I thought summer had finally arrived after a warm beautiful weekend. Clearly, however, I was mistaken.
Recently during my many evening huddled under said wool blanket in front of the fire I read this book:

I have read a couple of books by Jane Kirkpatrick. She is from Oregon and her books are usually historical novels based on historical accounts of pioneers. Something you should know about me is I love pioneers. I love history, I am a complete geek in this sense, but I especially love the history of where I live, my ancestors and people and places I am familiar with. Having grown up in Oregon in a family very proud of their history coming west on the Oregon trail has made these sorts of stories especially interesting to me. Plus pioneers are very cool. First they had the guts to leave everything they knew and travel an dangerous exhausting journey across the country in a Wagon. Second they had to live in and out of that wagon for 4 months. Third they had to know how to cultivate the new land, build everything they needed, trade with Native Americans and so much more.
While I enjoy the history and the stories in her books I don't think Jane Kirkpatrick is that impressive of a writer. However, I think her subject matter makes up for it and I still find her books enjoyable. A Sweetness of the Soul was especially interesting because it took place along the Colombia Gorge. The book is full of descriptions of the wild landscape before the damn where put into place. This book also talks a lot about the Native American tribes who lived along the gorge. The descriptions of Salmon fishing were pretty incredible. All and all I would recommend the book especially if you are familiar with central Oregon and the gorge or like me you think pioneers are cool.
Lastly, look at this great picture Jessica took this weekend of our husbands fixing something in our car:

Aren't they funny? Mr. P is in the green and Mr. Wilson is in the blue.

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