Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Our New House

When Chris and I realized we'd be moving to another new town we immediately started thinking about where we wanted to live. Before leaving Eugene we had sold our house and decided to rent in Corvallis. We found a beautiful old house in walking distance to the downtown. It was the perfect situation for that year. We enjoyed the beauty and charm of a 1920's house without any of the maintenance or responsibility of an old house. It gave us a much needed break. But up here the rental market is trickier and we were leery of moving Margot into yet another temporary housing situation so we decided to buy. We were not ready for another old house though. Our fixer upper in Eugene was a little more than we had bargained for and with a new job, town and baby on the way this didn't feel like the time for house projects. So for the first time we bypassed the darling old houses and focused on new and newer construction.

It's been an interesting adjustment being in a brand new house/neighborhood. On the one hand everything is so fresh and clean and lovely. On the other our neighbors are really close :) We are lucky that our new house is close to an older established neighborhood and there are lots of mature trees around us.

So here is our little grey house. We ended up choosing a smaller floor plan in a more central location rather than a larger house further out. We have sacrificed square footage but the location is so much nicer for us. We are one mile from Chris' office and really close to everything we do. 

Decorating a brand new house was a lot different for me. Unlike the old Spanish revival bungalow we were moving out of this house offers very little in terms of architectural detail to work around. It was a blank slate and that was intimidating at first. 

Three and a half months since our move and it is starting to come together. We still have a dozen or so little projects to complete inside and an entire back yard to do outside but we are making progress every week.

I thought I'd do a little house tour over the coming weeks. This is the front of the house and front porch. We were able to pick the exterior paint colors and I love the grey paint paired with the pop of yellow from the chairs. The house came with a landscaped front yard and overtime I hope to change out some of the vanilla landscaping and add more color and texture. I'd love to have lavender, black eyed Susan, fox glove and other perennials in the flower beds and maybe some kind of tree out front as well. 

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